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FHS Esports will compete in their first official "Smash Bros Ultimate" scrimmage with WACO

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The start of the 2019 school year has been exciting for the FHS Esports club.  Last year was the innauguarl season with a few students having an interest in "Fortnite", and competing in two tournaments during the school year.  This year, there was an initial interest by about 36 students in the esports club.  In an effort to expand interest, two more games were proposed, and they have really taken off.

The first game that was proposed in addition to "Fortnite" was "League of Legends".  This is a multi-player game for teams of up to 5 players.  Each player chooses from a list of characters with different skills and do battle with another team for complete control of the map.  To gain complete control, the ultimate goal is to destroy the towers of the opposing team.  So far this year there have been between 10 and 15 students actively participating at one point or another in the "League" practices. 

League of Legends students

Some of the students have not been able to make it back or have not started yet because it is a very strong belief by the sponsors, that the esports club is not to interfere with the other activities the students have.  Several practice times are being set and expanded to give the students many options to come in.  If they still are not able to join at this time, they can join at any point in the year.  This will hopefully encourage students to come in and out with fluidity throughout the year.

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After "League" had started to establish itself as a game of interest, another game with much interest came to surface.  Many students indicated on their initial survey that they would have an interest in playing "Smash Bros. Ultimate".  For those of you who may have been gamers when you were younger, this is almost a blend of the Mario Brothers games and the old "Street Fighter" game.  In this title, students again choose from many different characters and battlefields, each with their own unique abilities and challenges.  The players then face off in a battle that can be timed or based on knockouts.  The first player to the number of knockouts or with the most when time runs out is the winner. At this time there have been approximately 10 students who have actively participated so far with new people coming in each day.

Smash screen shot

On Thursday, Oct. 10th, the students playing "Smash" will be competing in an actual, formal scrimmage for their first time ever.  On Tuesday, several of the students met online just to play eachother for fun and to get a feel for how this will work.  On Thursday the competition will begin.  One important point to remember though is that even this scrimmage is for fun.  There is no prize or trophy being given out, no scholarships, no prize money.  This competition is only for fun and for the love of the game.  It will be fun to play against WACO to test our skills against other students and to promote friendship with students in other districts.

Smash students 1                          Smash students 2

The scrimmage will take place Thursday, October 10th at 4:00 PM.
Wish them luck!!!